I cannot but dynamically surf to and from between genres, lines and forms, the multifaceted appearance of information, quanta and nurbs,
waves and cities, magnetic fields and fragrances, melodies and emotions …

all the realities, blue stripes, dimensions and vibrations, dream clouds and the entire range of our experiences. Simultaneously, everywhere,
instantaneously. Experience the phantasmagorial life in all its states of existence, a never ending flush of colours, a fresh liquid universe, where
everything is connected energetically. A cosmos exploding colourfully, at the centre of which everything EXISTS simultaneously - weightlessly
connected to one another. The notion of a mind sculpture smoothed by the flow of time.

It is up to us to create this indefinite moment, which we can stride across with our senses like a landscape in a hyperdream. Amalgamation of
micro- and macrocosmos, an organic reality, a tender flow, where everything is possible!

Born in 1977 in the former industrial and sports metropolis Karl Marx Stadt, André Hunger grew up in East Germany and experienced the revolution and the change of political systems. A former race driver (trial, enduro, supermoto) and test driver for superbike development he ended his active career in 2000. He went on to open and manage several galleries featuring modern art, Kunst am Bau and modern urban design (Chemnitz, Berlin, Leipzig, Ibiza). Together with his agency he created exclusive brands and also marketed athletes and artists.

Since 2001, the artist has been living mainly in the middle of Berlin, organising extraordinary events, managing agencies and initiating his own projects. In Berlin he also founded his first design lab, developing various technologies and analysis channels in the fields of architecture, branded entertainment, design, art and media. During that period, André used newmanufacturing techniques for the development of future projects (e.g. design of a super race car, new

drive concepts, sculptures to live in, urban development concepts, VIP-Ressort for Manama Bahrain amongst others) and streamlined their marketing. In 2008, the visionary André Hunger withdrew from Berlin altogether and concentrated on his international activities.

In 2008, he moved to Vienna, where he developed the concept for the André Hunger World Citizen Foundation® dedicated to street children. The latter is a new education concept for street children based on interbeing and the world citizenship. Since 2009, André has been concentrating on his international entertainment project (code name: Heartbreaker), developing design, art and architectural projects only.

In 2011, the author decided to retreat to his second home, a biodiversity hot spot on the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean, to write a trilogy with autobiographic content: "The Indigo Dreamer - being A.". On the Atlantic shores the artist initiated his firstmultidimensional painting project, called

"The Metabolism of Life", in the process of which he looks into the diverse manifestations and flow patterns of nature, their structure and dimensions, as well as their interaction with consciousness.

As an artist and designer André mainly develops new organic architectural concepts, merging them with new manufacturing and production methods. For his sculptural drafts he uses fluid engineering software (computational fluid dynamic) and almost effortlessly overcomes the borders between science, design and entertainment. He does painting, photography and filmmaking, consistently scrutinizing the conditions of time, awareness and reality in his projects. The artist to date has not put his elaborate works and expensive productions on the traditional art markets. He occasionally sells them to collectors or releases them for select exhibitions. The projects developed by André Hunger do not only appeal to an intellectual minority, but are to bring together people from different target groups and environments.